Welcome to our stock page, where you will find a range of containers that are readily available. At ANG, we understand time is precious, which is why we have a selection of containers in stock to meet your immediate needs.  


Why choose our stock containers ?  

  • Instant availability: no waiting times. Our stock containers are available immediately, so you can get to work almost immediately.  
  • Quality guaranteed: Even though they are readily available, our stock containers still meet our high quality standards and are sustainably built for long-term use.  
  • Flexibility: Although they are stock containers, they still offer versatility for different applications and needs.  
  • Reliable service: At ANG, we strive for customer satisfaction. Our friendly and competent staff is ready to help you choose the right stock container for your requirements.  

Our standard container, also known as TP, is always available and ready for delivery within a period of 4 weeks.  This container is perfect for various applications and offers reliable performance for everyday needs.  

Standard container

Following models are available:

  • Container 1
    • Volume: 10m³
    • Dimensions: 5000x2000x1000
  • Container 2
    • Volume: 11m³
    • Dimensions: 5500x2300x900
  • Container 3
    • Volume: 11m³
    • Dimensions: 5500x2300x900
    • Options: Universele dubbelwerkende deur 
  • Container 4
    • Volume: 20m³
    • Dimensions: 5500x2300x1600
  • Container 5 (2 stuks)
    • Volume: 30m³
    • Dimensions: 6000x2300x2200

Ground container in Hardox450

  • Dimensions: 5000x2000x1000mm
  • Material: Completely made of Hardox 450
  • Options: Universal doors, rounded sides, 6x 8T load hooks, R/W signaling + D1 arrows
  • Finishing: Sandblasted, metallized and finished with a 2-component PU industrial paint RAL7005

These stock containers fit together, which ensures efficient transport when purchasing both stock containers.

Standard container with sliding roof

  • Dimensions: 6000x2200x2200mm + roof
  • Material: S235JR (standard, bottom: 5mm, side front and back: 3mm, roof: 2mm)
  • Options: 2-part sliding roof, CE closure
  • Finishing: Sandblasted, metallized and finished with a 2-component PU industrial paint RAL7042

Container with folding side doors 

  • Dimensions: 4500x2420x800mm
    • 9m³ 
    • 5mm bottom
    • 3mm side front and back
  • Material: S35 steel
  • Options:
    • Steel side door container with compensating springs
    • Universal door brake with pneumatic control of the closing hooks
  • Finish: RAL 5017 

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