Robust waste containers for construction & demolition work  

Construction and demolition works require containers that can withstand the harshest conditions.   
At ANG, we understand the unique challenges faced by professionals in this sector and therefore we offer waste containers specifically designed to meet these demands.  

Our construction & demolition containers are specifically designed for:  

  • Transporting all your bulk goods,  
  • Carrying out efficiently heavy and rough work,  
  • Storing work equipment in an easy and safe way,  
  • Transporting the waste of demolition, scrap and other waste materials  

Why choose ANG containers?  

  • Optimal loading capacity saving cost and time,  
  • Wide range of different container sizes to suit every need,  
  • Rapid container repair service to minimise downtime  

Why choose ANG?  

  • Our containers are manufactured out of lightweight but extremely high quality material that can withstand the harshest conditions.  
  • ANG stands for high quality containers with a long service life, resulting in a sustainable solution for your business.  
  • Does a standard container not meet your needs? Thanks to our tailor made constainers, we can help you out.  


At ANG, our containers are ready to improve your logistic efficiency to reduce unnecessary trips.   

You can contact ANG container construction for the removal of construction waste, scrap & metal or the transport of building materials and bulk goods (earth, asphalt, gravel, clay, small stones and sand).


Dumpsters applicable for this sector

Specific wishes or needs? 

We also make tailor made containers! 

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