Agricultural and horticultural

Strong agricultural and horticultural containers  

At ANG, we understand the unique challenges you face in the agricultural sector. 
hat is why we offer a wide range of agricultural and horticultural containers that are not only strong
but also able to with  stand tough work and rough terrain conditions.  

Our containers for agriculture & horticulture are specifically designed for  

  • efficient and reliable transport  
  • working in harsh conditions,  
  • multifunctional use  

Why choose ANG containers?  

  • Light, yet sturdy construction,  
  • Durability is the core of our designs,  
  • Tailor made solutions for maximum versatility,  
  • Optimise your logistics processes with containers that enable efficient transport

Why ANG?  

We not only offer high quality containers, but also container repair services to ensure your containers are always in top condition. ANG stands for high quality containers with a long life resulting in sustainable solutions for your business.  

Does a standard container not meet your needs?   

Thanks to our tailor made containers, we can perfectly help you out.  

Choose ANG and experience containers tailored to your specific needs, making your work in the agricultural and horticultural sector more efficient and effective.   


Dumpsters applicable for this sector

Specific wishes or needs? 

We also make tailor made containers! 

Discover our tailor-made solutions