Versatile waste containers for the transport sector  

In the transport sector, efficiency is crucial. At ANG, we understand the complexity of transport processes 
and offer waste containers and other constructions specifically designed to meet the demands of this sector .

Our containers for transport:  

  • are specifically designed for efficient transport of various goods and materials.  
  • are strong structures that can withstand the difficult conditions of transport.  
  • offer various features to meet the specific needs of the transport industry.  
  • Offer a large range of cargo securing options  

Why choose ANG containers?  

  • Wide range of containers for various transport flows,  
  • Lightweight yet exceptionally sturdy for safe and reliable transport,  
  • Personal advice and support to choose the right type of container adéquat  

Why choose ANG?

At ANG, we understand that every transport challenge is unique. That is why we offer a wide range of containers, each designed with specific features to meet the diverse requirements in the transport sector.  


You can contact ANG container construction for the removal of construction waste
scrap & metal or the transport of building materials and bulk goods (earth, asphalt, gravel, clay, small stones and sand).


Dumpsters applicable for this sector

Specific wishes or needs? 

We also make tailor made containers! 

Discover our tailor-made solutions