Safe and reliable containers for the chemical industry  

 In the chemical sector, safety prevails.   
ANG understands the unique requirements and challenges of the chemical industry and therefore offers waste containers specifically designed to meet these stringent standards.  


Our containers for chemicals:  

  • are specifically designed for safe transport of chemical loads,  
  • are specifically designed for reliable storage and transport of hazardous materials.  
  • are durable constructions that withstand the challenging environments of the chemical industry.  

Why choose ANG containers?  

  • Our containers are designed with the highest standards of safety and reliability in mind to ensure a secure transport of your chemical materials.  
  • The wide range of container sizes enables you to choose the container that best meets your specific needs and transport requirements.  
  • Our containers are manufactured with high quality materials that resist to corrosion and chemical substances, making them suitable for long-term use in the chemical industry.  

Why choose ANG?  

We not only offer high quality containers, but also a container repair service to ensure your containers always stay in top condition.  

ANG stands for high quality containers with a long service life, resulting in sustainable solutions for your business.  

Does a standard container not meet your needs? Thanks to our tailor made containers, we can help you out.  

At ANG, our containers are ready to improve your logistic efficiency and ensure a safe and reliable transport of your chemical charges.   



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Specific wishes or needs? 

We also make tailor made containers! 

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