Quatra, a trusted partner of more than 135,000 catering establishments for used frying oil collection, is known for its impeccable service and sustainable processing of fats and oils.  

Besides supplying containers, Quatra also relies on ANG for having their containers repaired.


Quatra strongly believes in sustainability and wants to keep their containers in optimal condition for as long as possible.  

That is why they invest in repairing and maintaining their containers. Recently, we gave a container a complete makeover:  

  • new rubber seals,  
  • installation of a new hydraulic pump,  
  • replacing outdated locks and latches,  
  • a new coat of paint as a finishing touch  

Sustainability as a starting point  

By investing in restoring containers, we not only extend their lifespan but also reduce our environmental footprint.  

Making re-use possible by refurbishing containers fits perfectly within our commitment to a sustainable future.  

Find out how container refurbishment works  

We are proud to be able to keep Quatra's containers in top condition, thus achieving our sustainability goal.