The fire brigade guarantees our safety and rushes to our aid in emergency situations. Not only the firefighters themselves, but also their emergency containers play a crucial role in rescue situations. Our ANG containers specially developed for firefighters offer versatile solutions to meet the diverse needs of firefighters and other emergency services.  

In this blog post, you will discover the container solutions that we offer and why they are an indispensable tool in the firefighters' equipment:  

  • Containers for flood prevention  
  • Waterproof container for extinguishing electric cars  
  • Logistics container for the fire brigade 

Containers for sandbags: flood protection  

One of the most important fields of application of our mobile fire units, is the transport of sandbags to high-risk flood areas. In the event of heavy rain and floods, these containers can be quickly deployed to deliver sandbags to the affected areas. Fast and efficient transport of sandbags can save lives and protect property.  

This fire brigade container has a 3-part sliding roof which allows easy access to and use of sandbags in case of floods.   

Electric fire extinguisher: watertight fire brigade containers  

Another innovative application of fire brigade containers is the use of watertight containers for extinguishing fires from electric vehicles. The growing number of electric cars necessitates us  to be prepared for emergency situations involving these vehicles.  

The ANG water immersion containers have a waterproof finish for effective extinguishing of electric vehicles. This contributes to the safety of both emergency workers and the environment.  

“Our ability to customize containers makes them extremely valuable to fire organizations. Our custom fire brigade containers are designed and adapted to the specific needs of different emergency situations.”

Adaptability and custom containers  

Whether for transport of materials, storage of equipment, or providing mobile workstations, Fire brigade logistics containers can be tailor made to meet all these requirements.  

The ANG fire brigade containers are not only versatile, but they also improve the safety and efficiency of fire brigade operations. They ensure streamlined logistics and easy access to necessary equipment and materials. This is very valuable in emergency situations where every second counts. High quality finish for a long lifespan. The finish of our fire brigade containers is of high quality and especially designed to provide durability and protection.  

  • Anti-corrosion treatment: Our containers are treated to resist to corrosion, which is essential for long-term use, even under harsh conditions.  
  • Steel blasted bottom profiles, walls as floor: The surface of the bottom profiles and walls is thoroughly blasted to ensure optimal adhesion of coatings, making them resistant to wear and damage.  
  • Hot metalized and lacquered with PU paint: The containers have a hot galvanized finish, followed by a layer of durable polyurethane paint (PU paint), making them resistant to both weather influences and mechanical wear.  
  • Reinforced frame at the back of the doors: To strengthen structural integrity and improve safety, our containers can be equipped with a reinforced frame at the back of the doors.  

“A high quality finish ensures that our fire brigade containers can withstand the challenges of emergency situations and guarantees a long life and reliable performance.”  

ANG prevention containers: very invaluable solutions

  ANG fire brigade containers offer solutions that are invaluable to the fire brigade and other emergency services. The versatility and customized options of mobile fire units make them an indispensable tool for modern fire operations.  

ANG is ready to help you to find the right solution for your specific needs.  

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