In a world where circularity has become important,  container repair is a crucial step towards sustainability and efficient use of resources.  

Container repair not only extends the life of containers, but also helps reduce waste and promote a circular economy.  

  • Think of the environment  
    Container recovery contributes to the environment by giving containers a second life instead of treating them as waste. In turn, reducing the demand for new containers reduces the pressure on resources.  
  • Reducing waste  
    By restoring containers, we reduce the amount of waste which contributes to more sustainable waste management.  

5 benefits of container repair  

  1. Cost saving: Repairing containers is often more cost effective than buying new ones.  
  2. Extended life of your container: Performing repair work in time can significantly extend the life of containers.  
  3. Maintaining the functionality of your container: Repairing containers ensures that they maintain their functionality. By fixing the defaults, containers remain safe, efficient and fit for their intended purposes.  
  4. Increasing flexibility of your container: Making a modification to your container is also possible. Thanks to minor modifications, your current container can continue to meet your requirements or even improve your efficiency.  
  5. Less downtime of your containers: By carrying out timely repair work, container downtime can be minimised. This means operational continuity and prevention of workflow disruptions.  

Find out how ANG gives containers a second life  

Repairs can range from a minor to a complete refurbishment.  

Besides minor container repairs such as the ones for Arbo Nivada , ANG also carries out complete makeovers for the containers of Desotec, Renewi, , Quatra, ..

View the complete makeover of a Quatra contrainer  


Do you wish to have your container repaired?  

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