About ANG

Driven by a passion for craftsmanship, Christophe Vander Stichele laid the foundations for ANG. He started by making steel candle lights and fire bowls for friends but this business very quickly evolved into a company specialised in various metal constructions, mainly waste containers and tailor made constructions.  

 In the beginning ANG established its headquarters and workshop in Oudenaarde whereas the production site was located in Olkusz, in Poland. With hard work , dedication and craftsmanship the site in Olkusz kept on becoming more professional in the course of the years.  

From their childhood on, the sons, Guillaume and Louis played among and around the containers, thus growing in a spontaneous way their passion for ANG.   

When they joined the family business, the head office and workshop moved to Ronse. From this moment on, even more emphasis was placed on co-engineering and tailor made transport solutions for customers. They focussed to come up with adequate, efficient and sustainable solutions in close collaboration with their customers. 

More than 30 years experience

For more than 30 years, ANG has been a family business, proud of manufacturing and delivering a wide range of waste containers and other constructions for the BEFRALUX region. Apart from the constructions made for small and big contractors and companies that collect and treat all sorts of waste including chemical waste, ANG  has also a repair service in its premises.  

ANG strives to find a perfect balance between the dynamics of rapidly changing markets and the needs of its customers. At the same time, strong efforts are made to understand and manage its own capabilities. ANG continuously tries to anticipate how it can contribute better to the success of its clients.  


Sustainability is a core target at ANG because in this way we contribute to a better environment. We try to improve continuously our products to obtain an optimal reduction of waste and CO2 emission and re-use of waste and residual waste. We also invest in ecological transport and we work with sustainable partners. With this mindset we approach our clients and partners and want to take care of our people, our environment and our products.  

Any member of our staff or workforce is a vital link of ANG’s success story. We strive for a working environment where creativity and innovation is encouraged always with the goal of making and delivering high quality products.  

At ANG each employee is an appreciated member of the family business. It is our aim to create an inclusive and supportive working environment where anyone feels good and at home.