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The company


ANG is founded.


An own production hall is set up. In the same year ANG settles on the new site in the Meersbloem-Leupegem in Oudenaarde.


ANG also moves its offices to the Meersbloem site in Oudenaarde. ANG is now fully centralised and operational in Oudenaarde.


ANG founds sister company "ANG Systems" in Pepingen. ANG Systems is specialised in building and assembling hook-loader systems for trucks.


ANG introduces its products in the French market for the first time.


Purchase of a new CNC hydraulically controlled bending machine, a large plasma table and modern welding equipment.


A second production hall is added to the existing one. This will include a welding robot. Investments that will take our production flow and quality to a higher level.


"ANG to brand-new plant in Pont West, Ronse.”
Due to the growth in demand and the various activities, ANG NV has outgrown its branch at the Meersbloem in Oudenaarde. ANG is building a larger hall in Ronse that can accommodate the increasing demand for the repair of containers. In this way, ANG is once again ready for the future in which customer satisfaction, quality and service are still the pillars of the company. At the same time, the 2nd generation is making its entry into the family business.